Were ron goldman and nicole simpson dating

(AP Photo/ Michael Caulfield)June 12, 1994 - a Sunday - is cool in Los Angeles. makes a series of calls to women, beginning with girlfriend Paula Barbieri. He also calls actress Jasmine Guy. - Before leaving for the recital, O. asks Kaelin to line up a date for him the following Tuesday. - Nicole and her family arrive at Paul Revere Middle School for Sydney's recital. Prosecutors say this is the time of the killings. - Nicole's neighbor Steven Schwab takes his dog for a walk. - Limousine driver Allan Park arrives at Rockingham to take O. Also, resident near Nicole's home reports hearing someone shout "Hey" three times.- - Kaelin, still on the phone with Ferrara, hears thumps on his wall near air conditioner. - Park tries to page his boss, Dale St. John to say no one is answering at estate. - Park sees Kaelin near the house, and a tall African-American figure walks up to the front door. - Kaelin admits Park to estate.

Simpson, center, and his attorney Howard Weitzman, right, are besieged by the media as they leave police headquarters in downtown Los Angeles Monday, June 13, 1994, after Simpson was questioned in connection with the apparent murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman, 26, at the woman's Los Angeles condominium. J.'s dog barking. - Kaelin, in guest house, calls friend Rachel Ferrara. - Nicole's neighbors hear dog barking. He waits at car on side street. - Park pulls up to Rockingham, rings the buzzer three or four times, gets no answer. Midnight - Boztepe and wife Bettina Rasmussen take dog for a walk.

A less pathologically narcissistic person might register jealousy or embarrassment at witnessing this awkward scene and feel contrite about his inappropriate response. [but] he had always been there for us kids." Then O. thinks about the night he stumbled onto Nicole "going at it on the couch, in the glow of two dozen candles—" [italics his]. " blog shortly thereafter, insisted that Charlie was "a concoction, a fictional stooge, a phony accomplice, a bogus bit of poetic license on the ghostwriter's part to set the death trap in motion." That buys into O. peers in the window and sees candles burning and hears music playing. "I wondered who the fuck it was Topic for Future Inquiry: Would Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman still be alive if this middling Italian restaurant, now long gone, had never opened its doors? On the night she was killed, Nicole had dinner at Mezzaluna with her parents and children, but not her ex-husband.

As he approaches her door, he sees Nicole on the couch with a male friend. "I don't think it would be too cool for them to walk in on that shit." Amazingly, Nicole does not (in O. …[I]t seemed like every day it took a little more energy, and Nicole was sapping up a lot of my goddamn energy. J.'s thoughts drift to his father, with whom he didn't speak for 10 years, and he thinks maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all: "I had always blamed him for my parents' marriage not working out … ponders Nicole's declining parenting skills, the inquisitive reader may choose instead to marvel that O. watched Nicole "going at it" long enough to count how many candles she had lit. had watched Nicole screw was a part-owner of Mezzaluna. So had Nicole's friend, the one from her disreputable crowd, who was stabbed fatally in what was rumored to be a drug-related killing.

hitting the road with Al Cowlings, being tracked down by police and news helicopters, threatening suicide, and finally getting arrested, the narrative voice magically acquires the conviction that O.

He contemplated suicide and evaded arrest because … I'd prefer a more straightforward confession, but in the meantime, this will certainly do.

When tapes surfaced of him repeatedly using the racial epithet, the defense team said the officer planted the glove at O. Watch as Detective Fuhrman, a year and a half after O.

J.'s acquittal, shares what he believes actually happened the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered.

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It's a relatively quiet Sunday: Gay Pride on parade in West Hollywood, third game of the NBA finals on TV, the movie Speed in theaters. Paula winds up flying to Las Vegas to spend time with singer Michael Bolton. Later, he moves to a corner to talk with friend Ron Fischman. - After the recital, O. talks, laughs with the Browns.- - Nicole and party arrive at Mezzaluna. She says Nicole says she told Simpson: "Get away from us! You're not welcome with this family anymore." - Kaelin calls his friend Tom O'Brien but is interrupted by O. He gives the clothes to Charlie, along with the knife. sneaks into the house, showers, hops into a waiting limo, and is off to the airport for a late flight to Chicago. As it turns out, the most memorable event is unknown until the day ends: the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Later, she call friends and family, preparing for daughter Sydney's dance recital that evening. Five days later, former football star, actor and ad pitchman O. Simpson — Nicole's ex-husband — is charged with the killings. goes to the Riviera Country Club for golf with TV producer Craig Baumgarten. Goldman spends the morning playing softball at Barrington Field just off Sunset Boulevard. Accounts of events later in the day are more precise, based on trial testimony and other reports:2 p.m.

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