Vegan dating non vegan php script for dating site

Since my partner and I have been together, he has learned a great deal about the vegan lifestyle.

He's been exposed to delicious food and information that he would've otherwise known nothing about. If we go out to eat or get takeaway, he will occasionally have meat, but that's relatively rare.

For example: “Imagine humans and chimpanzees had evolved as a ring species, how do you think today's society would have to change to cope with this?

” You may need to premise this with asking your partner if they know what a ring species is or explaining it to them.

You're bringing somebody with an (assumed) completely different moral compass into your world.

You might have to let them bring the bodies of dead animals into your own home.

I'm a member of several vegan-related groups on Facebook, so I come across a huge variety of differing opinions regarding what vegans should and shouldn't do.

I was browsing through some posts the other day, and one particular comment struck me in particular.

To us, it's the absolute moral baseline - but others don't see it that way.

Don't feel guilty for being in a relationship with a non-vegan - it does not mean that you have compromised your morals.

It's incredibly difficult simply to meet other people who are vegan in your daily life, especially vegans that you're totally compatible with!

Just think of the positives - through associating yourself with non-vegans, you open yourself up to the opportunity to bring new people into our world - and you can stuff them full of delicious vegan food, which is always fun to watch!

Why would you want to go out with someone who isn't vegan?

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