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The program received more than 100 emails about the oversight while the segment was still airing Wednesday, producers said. senator from Tennessee, has yet to announce he's seeking the GOP nomination but has taken steps toward entering the field.

Fred Thompson has asked to be released from "Law & Order" after playing New York District Attorney Arthur Branch for the last five seasons as he considers making a run for president, series creator Dick Wolf said Wednesday. Stephen Baldwin broke a shoulder and rib Thursday while riding a bull in a segment for the upcoming CMT reality show "Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge." Other celebrity participants include Leif Garrett and Vanilla Ice.

She plays a new Hero named Maya, but her powers are being kept under wraps.

A new study from Nielsen Media Research has unearthed the shocking information that more than half of DVR users fast-forward through commercials. That close to half of DVR users don't fast-forward through commercials.

A Chicago man accused of posting episodes of "24" on Live before the FOX show's sixth-season premiere was charged Friday in federal court with one felony count of uploading copyrighted material that had been intended for commercial distribution.

Jorge Romero, 24, has told FBI investigators that he found the episodes on another Website.

The news ends months of speculation from the show's devoted followers, who have been readying themselves for the worst.

"This show was always meant to have a beginning, a middle and, finally, an end," the producers said in a statement.

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