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She fears that the precautions used by children in typed chat may not apply for long when voices are concerned.

“Once a child is talking to someone, it’s difficult to convince them not to give out their telephone number.

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All you need to do is visit and put in the telephone number.A reverse search will often disclose the name and address linked to the telephone number.A quick visit to Mapquest then gives you a map to the gamer’s door.Often, in an online chat situation, that includes disclosing your age or gender, since predators tend to prey on younger female chatters.But when you have live voice chatting, age and gender are patently obvious. You can select a voice mask that changes your voice to that of a robot, adult or even a little girl. It is generally judiciously used to either create new game strategies or to create new methods of gaming. They may swear or shout in their enthusiasm or exasperation, but they don’t have the time to harass others.

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