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Along with fellow pilot Roy Davis and mechanic Cyril Krugner, Merrill arrived in Alaska in 1925, flying into Ketchikan with big plans to establish a flying business.

He loved the area so much that he sent for his wife and children only a week later.

In 1925 Noel Wien was blown off course and ran out of gas on the way back to Fairbanks from Wiseman.

It took him three days of wading through slush and swamp before he stumbled into civilization.

Surveys could only give them vague guidelines for distance and altitude and there was little about what really mattered: places to land.(Other pilots had arrived there by ship with their aircraft in crates.) Everywhere they went, crowds formed and business quickly followed.There were not many pilots in Alaska in the 1920s and ’30s, so with Merrill, Davis and those that followed came a litany of firsts: first to fly across the Arctic Circle, first to fly across the Bering Sea, first to land on a glacier and first to land within an active volcano.Ben Eielson departed Anchorage on September 20, 1929, expecting to find his friend Russ Merrill in a matter of hours.Along with an observer, he flew the 225 miles to Sleetmute believing he would soon find Merrill, or hear word of his location.

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