Professional dating photos

It’s a little lazy and so over done that it’s a joke on the internet.

I know my “throw my purse wherever it lands when I walk in the door habit” would drive him nuts.

I might respond to a message he sent, but I probably wouldn’t message him.

Kelly: To be fair, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this photo, but the first thing that came to mind the second I saw it was “pretentious high school senior photography” I can hear someone behind the camera saying “ok now look longingly off into the distance, as if you’re gazing into your future…or waiting for a cab”.

Having come from a long dating history of artsy, angsty nerds this photo sets off a few red flags for me.

A shot that is probably supposed to come off as soulful and deep to me reads “brooding and bitter.” When I was 18 I thought “brooding” meant “mysterious, deep, and misunderstood”.

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