Party of six dating

Women always say that men don't show their true colors until they get serious, but women do the same thing. [Ahh.] I mean, they promise you the moon, they make you think they're Mr. [Ahh.] Women shouldn't be completely honest in a relationship, right?

.], and just when you think you've found the one [Well . .], they drop you like a rock when something new comes along.

[Hmph.} Well, if you REALLY want to get something off your chest, then say it.

I mean she led me on and then dumped me after that for some guy with a Harley motorcycle named Dirk.

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Goals may conflict, and priorities will often differ between groups.The movement began following Barack Obama's first presidential inauguration (in January 2009) when his administration announced plans to bail out certain home mortgage holders through the bankrupt homeowners.On February 19, 2009 CNBC reporter Rick Santelli launched a "rant" against the bailouts on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, calling for a new "tea party," Supporters of the movement subsequently have had a major impact on the internal politics of the Republican Party.There has also been support for a proposed Repeal Amendment, which would enable a two-thirds majority of the states to repeal federal laws, and a Balanced Budget Amendment, to limit deficit spending.One attempt at forming a list of what Tea Partiers wanted Congress to do resulted in the Contract from America.

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