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The Regency conduct book stood very little chance, once Jane Austen’s women of flesh-and-blood began to appear on the scene!

Jane Austen's books are famous for their romantic plot lines, but they were about more than just weddings.She reminds you that you’re one dot in a constellation of experiences, and that your flaws and idiosyncrasies often just make you more interesting.) the title character, Emma (or, if you prefer, Cher) tries to make her friend Harriet (or, if you prefer, Tai) fall in love with intensely cringe Mr. Kind and spirited Elizabeth Bennet was not even remotely interested in marrying Mr. Elizabeth is horrified when her best friend Charlotte marries oily clergyman Mr.Darcy because he’s a) snotty and b) indifferent but, after seeing his massive house and lake, well… Collins and is pretty condemning of her friend’s choice.I guarantee you there’s more fluff in the bro canon than there is in anything written by Austen. Elton has the major hots for Emma/Cher and not Harriet/Tai. Collins even though marrying him would mean financial security for her increasingly broke family.She is vital and energetic and essential – she will make you examine everything you experience in depth. If you sense material goods are at the core of something that’s supposed to be more profound, then walk away and, if you’re an Austen heroine, go and do some tapestry or take a stomp around the grounds of a stately home.

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