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Personalised Car Registrations number plates bought wisely have a proven investment value particularly in recessionary times.

In fact the number plates are the only part of your vehicle that will appreciate in value over time.

We are registered DVLA Number Plates Suppliers and abide by their strict codes of conduct.

We sell thousands of cheap private number plates & cherished registrations numbers and are market leaders for Cheap Number Plates.

I have incorporated every known-to-me sheet that features Peggy Lee's name on its front cover, be it as songwriter or as performing artist.A DVLA personalised number plate is a perfect gift.Our cheap car number plate prices are very competitive, with private car registrations starting very cheaply from as little as only £25 - see Cheap and Bargain Car Number Plates or call 01.Along with the already entered 1,060 studio masters, this song index purports to list all the numbers that Lee is known to have sung on television and radio broadcasts, in Broadway and Hollywood, in live concerts and rehearsals.At the present time, the listing of such media and concert performances remains an ongoing task, slated to be completed in 2017.

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