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Don't be fooled if somebody claims this is what they were aiming for once they suffer the backlash of their storyline.

And of course, just because somebody intends to make their story a hilarious parody doesn't mean they'll actually succeed — sometimes Parody Sue can end up just as tedious as the original.

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Bria Murphy, Murphy's eldest daughter with ex-wife Nicole, shared the holiday photo on Instagram and wished everyone a 'Merry Christmas.' Bria is following in the footsteps of both her parents by pursuing modeling and acting.

When straight men do profess attraction to other men, it often takes the form of Gay Bravado — the concept being that they're not .

While he's attempting to recall his skiing lessons, his mind shifts to a skin-tight ski suit-wearing Ned Flanders moments prior, who waggles his buttocks while exclaiming the suit makes it feel like he's "wearing nothing at all". The term "GAR" (always in capitals) is memetically used to describe a male character who induces this through sheer badassery and Hot-Blooded-ness.

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(The "It's a Trap" internet meme is often used to refer to characters who cause this trope in audience members.) Occasionally, the "victim" is given peace of mind by discovering their totally platonic (really! This is Truth in Television, with women being more open about it.You can appreciate good looks and a sexy body regardless of gender.If taken far enough you just might say something that sounds wrong even in context. This often doesn't mean anything significant regarding your overall sexual orientation, though often you are just as caught off guard as the people around you.To his right was Paige, 37, a model who gave birth to his ninth child in May.She looked confident showing off her curves in a pink bodycon dress.

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