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Want to learn how to cook with whatever random crap you’ve got around? On a mission to prove that desserts don’t have to be sinful, Erin Mc Kenna wrote Baby Cakes as a way to share healthy dessert recipes with the masses.A solution to those with allergies or health concerns, Baby Cakes opens up a world in which delicious and fattening don’t have to be synonymous.If that is the case, you need to close this tab and go watch it immediately. If you need a judge, I’m happy to come over and taste test for you!This book features recipes from both judges and contestants on this fan favorite show. Remember that episode of Friends when Chandler asked Monica if she could make dinner with just baking soda and beer? On the show, professional chefs are given a small variety of ingredients and are then told to make something (anything) delicious with them.I can’t fathom hating to cook, but Jessica Seinfeld can.Jessica understands that not everyone feels comfortable in the kitchen, so she’s written this book (full of over 100 simple and delicious recipes), complete with easy-to-follow instructions.Not only will this book teach you the basics of a kitchen, it will allow you to become comfortable cooking literally anything.Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is an excellent introduction to the four techniques you should master in order to become a great cook.

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Whether you need to learn to cook pasta, scramble an egg, or make a perfect grilled cheese, this book will teach you.Each recipe lists the potential challenging parts and how to overcome them. Eat Pretty teaches you about over 85 different superfoods that you can use to become your most beautiful self, the natural way.Basically, she reads your mind and solves all your problems, while filling your tummy in the process. You’ll learn how to blend certain ingredients to get clearer skin, stronger hair, sun protection, and more! Not only has she effectively transformed the lifestyles of many a celebrity client, but she teaches self-acceptance and bodily love in a refreshing and approachable way.Not only can it be helpful to those who don’t know their way around a kitchen, it’s also useful for those of us who just want to rediscover the lost art of the basics of cooking. We know that it’s trendy, that it’s absurdly good for us, and that it’s super accessible.Unfortunately, though, what we don’t all know is how to use it in our everyday life.

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