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7Search: 7Search is an independent & transparent search advertisement network, which shows ads on it own search engines and network sites.

It has its own audience and not dependent on other biggies like Google or Bing.

CPC for keywords are really cheap and &search is transparent enough to show bidding position and everyone’s bid amount.

Note: 7search traffic quality and volume isn’t that great.

This helps in receiving laser targeted traffic fast and producing high quality conversion.

It’s really hard to get a winning campaign to make -0 net profit/day.

So if you want some serious sales then it’s not the right PPC ad network for you but if you want to learn PPC without losing much money then you can give it a try.

Keyword Research Tool Google Keyword Planner: With this free tool inside your adwords account you can find highly relevant keywords for your campaign.

It gives you a clear idea about search volume of each keyword on google search engine, the number of click it receives and its average cost per click.

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